How To Decorate An Old Trunk

If you are lucky enough to stumble across an old trunk stored in the attic or found in the house of a deceased relative you have a real opportunity. Many of these trunks, even an old wooden storage trunk that looks particularly shabby, can be given a makeover that can have it looking amazing in no time.

As long as the trunk is in solid working condition and there are no major pieces missing or dents in the sides, there is a good chance that the trunk can be restored. Giving the trunk a good clean and, if it is a wooden trunk, a sand back it will be ready for staining to renew the grain detailing.

There are many small accessories that are available that can be added to the exterior of the trunk to give it the old-style impressive appearance it once had. Metal bands, wooden slats, corner tabs and decorative hinges, hasps and locks can all be used to bring some zip back into the look of the trunk. In fact, there are many parts that you can add to the outside of the trunk to give it a new appearance that will completely renew its look.

The interior of the trunk may require some extra work with a renewal of the interior lining and some woodwork that can be applied to it. The best way to refresh the interior of the trunk is to sand back the wood lining. When it is sanded back it should be stained before finishing it with a sealant.

These trunks were often made by master craftsmen so the work is often sturdy but the joins were made with precision. It is often a good idea to take the trunk to a restoration professional for some of the finer work that is required on the trunk.

Just because the old storage trunk you find looks like it has seen better days doesn’t mean that’s the way it will always look. Wood can be refreshed with a little bit of elbow grease, as can leather, and when it is finished you’ll be glad you made the effort.

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