Online Scams How to Detect Fraud

When it comes to how to detect fraud online, many people don’t realise just how easy it actually is. There are a few simple tips that will help you to avoid 99% of all online fraud emails. These include:

  • Checking the email address
  • Seeing who the email is signed by

It is literally as simple as following the above two steps to avoid most scams. So what exactly should you look for in the email address?

Most scam emails will be sent from free accounts such as hotmail or Gmail for example. This is because it is possible for a person to set up as many free accounts as they like. With those accounts they can then receive money through sites such as PayPal. The actual address itself will usually not make much sense. An example could be something along the lines of Or often you will find that scam emails have a long email address with lots of numbers such as That is one of the major giveaways when it comes to scam emails.

The second thing that you can look out for is who the email is actually signed by. Many email scams are signed by foreign names. Typically the email will tell you that the person is from Africa for example and they are looking to move a lot of money. You get a portion of money for doing this and it sounds a little genuine which is why many people fall for it. If the email is being sent from a different country then it is going to be a scam. Look out for any foreign names and different countries and you will avoid most email scams.

Overall online fraud is a big problem in the UK. However if you take the above advice into consideration you should be able to easily spot a fraudulent email from a genuine one. Another good tip when it comes to how to detect fraud is that if the email asks you for money in order to claim a prize it is a scam. Never pay any upfront fees and never click on any links that are sent through email from unknown addresses.

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