Internet Shopping- Focusing On Customer Service

Creating a better buying environment is what many online stores are now focusing on in an attempt to give the customer a better experience. The days of simply offering low priced items are fading away, and the demands of the customer need to be met in order to survive in the ultra competitive world that exists on the internet. With so much choice available at the touch of a button, and the competition only a click away, it is essential for stores to offer something different and unique than the rest.

Serving the needs of the customer can take many forms online. Probably the most obvious is the site itself. It must be easy to use and look attractive. This is where stores can create their own identity that is instantly recognisable to visitors, so they know they are in right place. The home page needs to inform people what the business is all about in just a few seconds. A good first impression is vital if people are going to stay around a click through to the products on sale. To do this, the site navigation has to be clear and functional. The Argos uk retail store is a fine example of making things easy for customers, with a simple design that does a good job of funnelling people to the buying pages. Many businesses use analytical software to get to know how their visitors behave on the site. Armed with this information, they can tailor the site to increase sales and profits, such as placing different keywords or adverts to get better click through rates, whilst still keeping the customer in mind.

Rewarding loyal customers is another method used to create a better service. This can be done by offering special deals and discounts to those who spend more money on a regular basis. Free delivery is typically used as an incentive, or money off future purchases. The littlewoods catalogue has perfected this tactic, and has gained a large customer base in the process. It keeps people happy and does a great job of retaining business for years to come. Other stores have focused on reducing the amount of clicking required to actually purchase a product. A prime example is Amazon, who have their one click buying service. Less time spent getting to the buying page means you can sell more things, and people do appreciate these little improvements, just look at how popular the Amazon site has become. Good service combined with competitive prices is the key to running a successful online store, and those who focus on this often neglected aspect are reaping the benefits.

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