Adding Drivers With Short Term Car Insurance Will Prove To Be Cheaper

If you or looking to add a member of the family as a named driver on your car, you would do well to contact the insurance company that has insured your car and ask them for a short-term car insurance policy. If you have been dealing with the company for a long time, you can rest assured that you will be in a position to purchase such policies at dirt cheap prices. You may very well think as to why the insurer would want to sell you short-term car insurance at such low prices. It is quite likely that you may have had a very good working relationship with the insurance company for a number of years. You could even have recommended other clients to the insurer, making them realize your worth as a client. Under the circumstances they would be looking to reward you for the additional business that you may have given them over the years.

You could also get cheap prices, if you make an application for daily car insurance for any member in your family. The insurance company would never enquire as to why you would want to purchase daily car insurance when you already have a full term auto insurance policy in your possession. They would only want to know the details of the driver that will be using the vehicle for the short period. You will only be required to give the insurance company a call and make an application for the short-term car insurance that you need. The entire transaction could perhaps take a few minutes of your time and the policy would be issued immediately after you make a payment for the premium. As a long-standing client of the insurance company, you will not have any difficulties in purchasing Short term car insurance, wherever you want to add the name of a family member as a named driver on your existing auto insurance.

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