Use Table Top Dishwasher To Save Energy

Table top dishwashers are extremely light and handy dishwashers. As the name suggests they can be easily placed on a table top or a counter in the kitchen. The usual dimensions of a table top dishwasher are twenty two inches by eighteen inches by eighteen inches, which is almost this size of a microwave. They can be easily purchased for about $200 and therefore fit any budget. You can save lot of time by using a table top dishwasher in your home. They are ideal for small place settings. Table top dishwashers can save you a lot of energy and therefore a lot of money in the long run and benefit the environment. Here are some tips on how to save energy using a table top dishwasher.

A table top dishwasher uses 20 times less energy than hand washing the dishes. The new range of dishwashers comes with many features to conserve water and electricity. You must always check the energy star rating of the table top dishwasher. Energy star ratings have been in practice since 1994 and if you purchased your dishwasher before that then you should change it. Energy start rated table too dishwashers are 10% more energy efficient than non-rated dishwashers. Look for the energy star logo on the top of your dishwasher.

When selecting a table top dishwasher, keep in mind the number of place settings you need. Too little place settings will mean that you have to run it in many cycles and too many place settings mean that more resources will be used.

Use lower cycle settings for dishes, which are lightly soiled. This will take up fewer resources. Also do not rinse the dishes before loading the table top dishwasher, as it will waste more water, just scrap the food off. As much as possible try and run the table top dishwasher in full load as it will use the same amount of resources no matter what the load it. You can also save a lot of energy by using the no-heat drying option in the table top dishwasher and letting your dishes being air dried. Keeping the above points in mind you will save a lot of energy using the table top dishwasher.

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