Different types and styles of chandeliers

In the past candle chandeliers used to be powerful status symbols, not only they gave out lots of light which proved that the household could afford to spend on candles, but they were notoriously difficult to clean and maintain. Above all you needed a large room with a very high ceiling which obviously implied that it had to be a wealthy house. Even today some types of chandeliers are only suited to large rooms but most of us can live quite comfortably without having a dance hall, therefore there are chandeliers of all sizes and shapes in the market.
Even now the atmosphere that a proper antique  crystal candle chandelier can create is difficult to surpass. Crystal is glass with added lead which gives it the property to sparkle more and have an easier cut. The light of the candles reflects on the sparkling crystal and creates an amazing effect which is difficult to copy.
There are also many other types of candle chandeliers, the best style depends on the rest of the home decor. There are chandeliers made with shells (which can also produce some interesting light effects), Murano glass, beads, wood, different types of metal (a material quite common in any Art Deco chandelier) and chandeliers made of  antlers discarded by deers, moose and other wild animals.
Most people would not probably buy a candle chandelier to use as a source of light but more as a decorative object, for that reason most chandeliers these days are available to be used with electricity and it is not always easy to find a candle chandeliers in all models. There are bulbs that look like candles and this is an option used by many, even because of the fire hazards when using candles especially in the large quantities required by many chandeliers. Whatever reason and use you have in store for it there will be the right chandelier for you, and now internet shopping gives you access to many suppliers directly increasing your choice.

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