Get A Balanced Diet

Over there at KFC, the company not only recognize that eating habits are very different from country to country, but they also try to educate their customers into having a balanced life, therefore, a balanced diet. They think that a balanced diet must be built around the Food Pyramid model. The Food Pyramid has three important layers that must be taken into consideration when trying to create a history with your food, that is what KFC are trying to achieve.

They want to make sure that their menus (i.e KFC menu) contain all the things that a human being requires in order to stay healthy. So, if you look at their menus you will find that all food groups are found there: rice/cereals; vegetables; dairy; meat/beans; fats; fruits; and optional the desserts. They added sweets because their customers from some countries always asked them about dessert. So, they decided to add the desserts into their menus.But,when they do serve their foods, they combine the food groups so that a meal doesn’t have only meat or only fries. The exception would be the dessert,where they know that is not very healthy because it contains lots of sugar,but the portion of the desserts are very small,so no harm is done by eating one.

Please keep in mind that,there at KFC restaurants,they only provide foods that will give you energy. If you do not burn that excess of energy,the risk will be to gain weight. The reason why you have trouble is not KFC,is the fact that you don’t do things to burn out your energy. So they recommand to incorporate a gym routine into your daily schedule and with a balanced diet, you will be satisfied and they will also be happy to continue to serve their customers with healthy and balanced meals.

Learn more about how to get a balanced diet meal by viewing McDonalds menu online before placing an order.

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