You Can Find Affordable Antique Engagement Rings

Although many people still like to buy modern engagement rings, there are a growing number of people who prefer antique engagement rings. For some people, the first thing that they think of when these rings are mentioned is a large price tag, but this doesn’t have to be the case. By choosing the right type of ring from the right antique period, and spending some time shopping around, it is definitely possible to find affordable examples of this jewellery.

It could be that you like the look of period engagement rings and are not worried whether your ring is classed as an antique (minimum 50 years old) or not. In this case, you could shop around for vintage engagement rings. These are rings with some age, but which are not yet old enough to be classed as antiques. Overall, these rings are likely to be cheaper than antique ones, so you could get the look which you like for less expense.

If you are set on getting a ring from one of the major antique periods (Victorian, Art Nouveau, Art Deco or Edwardian) you can look at some examples which have been made from non-precious metals and non-precious stones as they will tend to be a lot cheaper than something like a  gold ring which is set with diamonds. For example, you could consider Art Nouveau jewellery, as an Art Nouveau ring made from copper and set with coral could be an affordable choice.

When searching for your ideal ring, there are online dealers who have a lot of rings to choose from. While this is probably the easiest way to find a ring which you like, it is not necessarily the best way to find a bargain. Auctions can be a source of good affordable antique engagement rings, but this may take longer than searching online. Antiques dealers may have what you want and if you are lucky, they may be prepared to negotiate on price.

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