PAT Labels

Portable Testing is a method of establishing the status of electrical safety in a building. A wide range of technologies that are available in these types of devices requires an appropriate response to the reporting and archiving of test data to ensure reliable recording the history of electrical equipment as regards security. Pass labels are part of this approach to accounting. These address labels are intended to present an accurate and documented history of all equipment that relies on electricity to operate. The value of any PAT testing label depends on their reliability and presentation. It enables people to report the status of each inspector subsequent current fixtures, as well as their past performance. This information is the most important factor in the concept of using the test author. Designed to move and do not necessarily label varied to suit different types of power tools, accessories and equipment used in business. These address labels must be capable of protecting not only the staff who works with and around the device, but the general public. Consequently, the shift and the labels are produced in different sizes, colors and application projects. The most common type of way and not the label, usually rectangular or square, and comes with stickers so they can be firmly attached to electrical equipment being tested. The information on these labels must contain at least the test result, such as “pass” failure “or test date, and identification of people tested. Most of the pass and not the label; however, include more relevant information, such as a tester of contact information and the identification number of the device or other device being tested and the date the next inspection required. Pat labels are very helpful for many purposes, they are not only good for business, they are also good for personal reasons.

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