Why Diving Is Common In Koh Chang

Koh Chang a major place to be during a holiday has made diving its major thing.  Anybody who would be found in Koh Chang first idea would be going for diving.  Statistics shows that 60% of all visitors of Koh Chang love diving.  This has made this game became more even expensive.  The first reason for the games fame is pure advertise most of the media that focus Koh Chang as inland, they dwell most on diving experience.  They mostly cite the swimming experience and mostly the diving.  They give the advantage and most of people back watching at home feels the urge to experiences the same.  They give on Television instruction and some have even gone a step high they have programs like ‘Koh Chang Diving’ this programs are good for teaching.  They really work to the benefit of Koh Chang.  Another reason Koh Chang has gained its fame on diving is the past history.  Most of those who have ever experience diving tend to come back with their new friends.  The survey conducted by non-government body in Koh Chang showed that 57% of diver in Koh Chang is the returning visitor.  Most of the are accompanied by relatives friend and other types of people.

Another reason for diving popularity is the season for swimming.  Most of April October and November you would not get a chance to get into water. This is best season to do the diving.  Most of the divers prefer this months because of number of reason.

The months is on season where the temperature around are hot.   In winter season get into water might make you never to come back.  This because the water is almost Oo C Which is basically a freezing point for most of the compound.  This will even utter the pressure under the sea and make swimming difficult. Island has good range of the accommodation available for all the budgets.

Some other highlights include Koh Rayang Nai, Koh Mak, Koh Lao Ya, Koh Rayang Nok, and Koh Wai. These are at southern of Koh Chang, and between the Koh Chang and the Koh Kood. Most that have the accommodation that are available for the overnight stays and are visited as the day trips. On east coast of an island, the Than Mayom has got 2 popular stones with inscriptions of King Rama VII and King Rama VI.

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