Modern Goth House Decorations

Custom wrought iron railings and black outdoor rocking chairs are two must haves for making your house look modern Gothic.  If you’re really into the classic black, death, and scary look and you own a house, adding a creepy black rocking chair to your porch, even if you never use it, and putting in custom built wrought iron railings around your steps or yard are two very good ways to make your house look like you mean it when it comes to being a modern Goth.

Finding black rocking chairs isn’t as hard as it sounds.  If you don’t have time to paint your rocking chair black, there are plenty of black rocking chairs available online.  For an added odd twist, you can look for a specific type of Swedish ‘gungstol’.  Gungstol is the Swedish word for rocking chair, and they are rocking chairs traditionally painted black with gold outlining.  It’s not the gold outlining that makes them cool.  It’s the fact that these rocking chairs come with six legs instead of four, which is sure to catch viewers off guard for a good old ‘uncanny valley’ moment.

Wrought iron railings are a long time classic.  Wrought iron decorations hint back to Old World styles. There was an era of human history called the ‘iron age’, and wrought iron comes in all different kinds of shapes and sizes.  Keep in mind that even if the company you’re buying them from only has a few different styles, you can combine them to create all kinds of different images and looks.  If you live somewhere that ivy grows well, it might be a good idea to create an Addams Family style fence made of wrought iron around your yard and interlace it with ivy. Whatever you do, wrought iron can be a lot of fun to decorate with.

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