Kindle 4 VS iPad

People are deeply hoping that cool Kindle 4 e-book reader will not be another iPad rip off. Kindle and iPad have long been rivals when it comes to tablet gadgets today. But there are quite a number of people who believes that Kindle 4 will be definitely better than the iPad. These two products have their own pros and cons. Let’s discuss further the reasons why Kindle 4 is better than the iPad.

The Kindle 4 is on its way to the market. Amazon is just giving it some more improvements before they release it in public. Rumors say that it will be released late this year or early in 2012. It can give a lot of things to e-book reader buyers. One of its best features is the use of E-Ink screen. E-Ink provides a screen suitable for long hours of reading. With E-Ink, it doesn’t matter where you read, may it be indoors or outdoors. You can even read even if you’re under the sun, this is not possible for other e-book readers. E-Ink is definitely one of the greatest perks.

The price of an iPad and Kindle 4 vary widely. Kindle 4 wins in this aspect since the previous model is really cheap. This is especially true when it comes to the 3G connection. For an iPad, in order to avail the 3G feature, you will have to pay a lot of money before you can enjoy it. You will also have to pay them monthly. But for the Kindle 4, the 3G is built-in for the device. Regardless of your location in the world, you can access the 3G connection. Plus, you don’t have to suffer with expensive monthly fees.

Another advantage is the wide selection of e-books for Kindle. Apple definitely loses this one. Kindle offers 400,000 different e-books to read. Aside from books, magazines and newspapers can now be accessed. This is a living proof that Kindle is indeed the best e-book reader today.

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