When You Think Coat Rack Think Antique

If you are in search for a solution to your small hall closet or lack of one at all, consider an antique coat rack. Antique racks are great options because they allow you to add a piece of furniture to your home that is not only functional but makes a statement. Historians are unsure of exactly who invented the coat rack but they have been in use for hundreds of years. These pieces were used well before the invention of the clothes hanger in 1903.

In the pre-hanger days clothes were typically kept in trunks or dressers. So the original coat racks were meant for hanging all clothes on not only outerwear. This is why an antique piece is a great addition to any foyer or entrance hall. Because, these older racks were put to heavier use you can find designs that are much more detailed and unique than the ones you pick up from a local retailer. Another advantage to an antique rack is that they are often much larger than ones manufactured today; again because of their function in the past.

Finding the perfect fit for your home may take a little time and a bit of effort, but antique shopping can be a blast. There are many great places to look for these pieces if you have a heftier budget try your local antique shops. These boutique style stores tend to have pieces that are show room floor worthy and require little to no refurbishment on the buyers part. For this you will pay a higher price tag, but it can be worth it for the perfect piece. If you are looking to hang your coats in style for a cheaper price try your local thrift stores, flea markets, and of course garage sales if they’re in season. And, never forget internet shopping, online auctions and resale sites are a great way to view multiple pieces and price compare all at once.

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