What To Look For In A Stadium Light Tower

Next time you are in the market for either renting or purchasing a stadium light tower, you should keep a few important issues in mind to make your decision a little easier.  Let’s dig right in:


Although a permanent light fixture might sound like a huge benefit for your football field or industrial facility, most people really appreciate the ability to pack up and move the unit to better accommodate their changing needs.  For instance, the weather might take a turn for the worst and you want to protect your investment:  If the light tower is portable and retractable, you should have no problem taking a few minutes bringing the tower down and pulling it into a storage shed while the weather blows over.

Ease of Use

On a related note to portability, the ease of use of stadium light towers cannot be overstated in importance.  After all, what use will a fancy light tower be if it’s basically impossible to erect?  For this reason, you will want to research the available rental options in your local area.  Look for key features such as the unit having relatively few hours of operation on it, an easy-to-start diesel generator, and a fool-proof boom lift to prevent against any unnecessary accidents or wear and tear.

Safety Concerns

When it comes to heavy equipment, it’s better to be safe than sorry.  For this reason, you should insist on seeing any safety or operation manuals before attempting to operate a portable stadium light tower on your own and without the assistance of a trained professional.  Thankfully, many rental houses can provide an operator a nominal fee, but you should contact your local companies for the exact details of what they can and cannot give you.  At the very least, ask for a training session before driving off with the unit!

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