The Bare Necessities Of Plus Size Strapless Bras

Women whose cup sizes are larger than D often have a hard time buying bras and swimsuits. Sexy lace bras are often too weak to support the plus-sized masses, and buxom blessings can sometimes become a challenge. Many shops only stock bras in A to C cups, and the variety becomes even more limited when it comes to plus size strapless bras. Some women give up and opt for strapless bodysuits or corsets. These have the added advantage of trimming your midriff and improving your silhouette, but sometimes, you want to just support your bust and give your tummy a little breathing space, especially if your date involves eating. Also, some plus-sized breasts come with minus-sized midriffs, especially if the cup size was surgically enhanced.

Generally, the straps on plus size bras are wider than the straps on smaller bras. The additional width gives extra support, and the same principle can be used for strapless undergarments. Look for bras that have a wider hem, such as bandeau bras, because this means there is more fabric in contact with your skin. This gives extra support, because there is more friction between the skin and bra, and the friction helps to hold everything in place and counter gravity.

Strapless garments for larger bust sizes should be underwired. This provides a much firmer silhouette, and helps to contain the cups while you move. Plain bras may not do this effectively because they lack the holding quality produced by the wires. Underwires curve round each breast individually, and in this way they improve shape, but they also cup the breast in a way reminiscent of a palm.. The cupping effect also makes a woman feel more confident and sensual.

Many women enjoy strapless bras because they feel so natural. Straps can sometimes distort the appearance of a woman’s breasts by pulling them up. This is especially evident in large breasted women. With plus size strapless bras, there is no pull, so there is no tension or shape distortion, and the breasts are relaxed. The bare-shouldered sensation lets a woman  look and feel sensual. The best part about strapless undergarment is that they allow plus-sized women to wear clothes that have halter necks, and halter necks are arguably the sexiest pieces of clothing ever made.

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