Efficient Use Of Google Talk

Google Talk is small sized software but comes with a tremendous amount of feature that help o keep you in touch with those around you. It has a very simple interface that is simple to learn and get a grip of things and the numerous features that come with it. The following should act as aid in cases where you may experience difficulty.

By signing up for an account with Gmail, your username will be your email address and you will select your password.

You can download the Google Talk software and run it on your computer. The installation process is simple and the software size is small and manageable by any machine. Sign in to Google talk using your account information. Then it will direct you on how to set up a G-talk account. Google Talk is inbuilt in your GMail account as well as Orkut. You can use your Orkut login details to access the inbuilt Google Talk in Orkut.

Remember that only Gmail account holders will experience the complete functionality of the software. There are a number of advantages that come with having a Gmail account which include access to call features, maintain a history of all your previous chats in your account and many more.

Having a headset will give you the best experience of voicemail and call features. This way, you will also be able to have a hand-free communication while chatting.

Set up the interface so that it occupies the least room possible. Avoid chatting with two or more people simultaneously. Remember that the appearance also matters. For your appearance, go to “Appearance” then go to “Classic” this will give you a basic interface that does not waste space.

You can also maintain your friends’ list. If possibly one of your friends starts becoming too talkative with frequent chats and calls, you can block them by moving the mouse pointer over their names on the contact list and selecting block option. You can also search for friends by typing their names and you will have a drop down list of possible suggestions to choose from.

If you experience ant problems, go to the G-talk website and click on “Help” for more details.

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