Venetian ball masks selection tips

If it is your first time choosing Venetian ball masks the choices out there may be a little confusing at first, with the right information however you should be able to make a selection that looks good and also lets you feel comfortable.

The first thing that you should be aware of is that not all mask materials are going to be suitable for wearing all the way through a night of partying, rubber and plastic masks are just fine if you are taking them away from your face regularly but if you intend to hide your face throughout the night they will tend to become sweaty and stuffy. This is especially true if you are going for a full face design!

If showing your identity throughout the masquerade celebrations is not a problem for you then you might consider a masquerade mask that is mounted on a stick. Beware this option if you intend to keep your face hidden as you will have to deal with the discomfort of having to hold that mask up all night.

The best choice of mask for comfort is a choice from the Colombina Venetian ball masks range in a fabric material, these masks generally just cover the eye area and the preferred method to attach them to your face would be with either ribbon or a decorated elastic. Ribbon does have a habit of coming undone so for security elastic is always the best option to look at where possible.

If you have decided to opt for a Venetian mask on a stick another thing to bear in mind is which material the stick will be made of. While this isn’t really an issue if you are in a warm climate you should be aware that if it is cold you should opt for a turned wooden handle over metallic or on top of the problem of having to constantly hold the mask up to your face you will also have to deal with holding onto a cold piece of metal which will also be against your face.

An easy mistake to make and one that will annoy you throughout the night while you are trying to enjoy yourself at your Venetian ball celebration.

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