Solid Oak Flooring Provides Great Value

Using solid oak flooring as your own plank wood flooring for your homes is a great deal especially for those people that have a very tight budget. Solid oak flooring provides great value and is long lasting. This particular plank wood flooring is absolutely stain resistant so you do not have to worry about spilled coffee, wine and other drinks as well as sauces, They can also be cleaned easily so there is no need for you to put any wax and chemicals to preserve the beauty of your solid oak flooring. If you want to get great value and superior quality of solid oak flooring, you can try visiting Real Oak Floors because they sell a wide variety of plank wood flooring plus you get to choose from different wooden materials and you can also choose floor laminates, engineered floors, hardwood floors as well as wooden accessories. The wood that this company uses is all of great quality and believe it or not, their solid oak floors are hypoallergenic which is really good for people who are allergic to dust.

They use different types of tree selections such as walnut, oak, maple, beech and pine so you can choose a particular type of tree that would perfectly match your home designs. When it comes to the installation process, solid oak flooring like some of the plank wood flooring can be installed using adhesive that can perfectly glue your wooden flooring right into the sub floor. You just have to check the moisture level before installing your solid oak flooring so it would not affect the installation process.

If you plan to purchase your very own solid oak flooring or any plank wood flooring, real oak floors is the best place to go because they offer discounts and you get the real value for your money.

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