The Total Body Pillow: 6 Pillows Rolled into One

A total body pillow brings comfort to side sleepers that are unmatched by regular sleeping pillows.  Even if you’re a stomach sleeper or back sleeper you can still have the use of a pillow that will leave you feel rejuvenated and relaxed.  The pillow improves your body’s circulation and thereby creating a healthier you and is extremely useful if you’re recovery from a recent surgery.

You can place the pillow between your legs which keeps your knees from rubbing together and helps with better spinal alignment.  As the name suggest the body pillow perfectly supports your head, neck, back, shoulders, arms and knees.  It’s lightweight and large and decreases pain in both your upper and lower back.

If you’re tired of readjusting your body in the early morning hours and find yourself waking up with dreaded headaches and back pain a comforting pillow is the answer.  More than three-forth of Americans are side-sleepers and the body pillow is scientifically engineered to provide gentle support without the need of having separate pillows.  It leaves you feeling totally rested that you will wonder how you’ve been able to sleep without one.

The body pillow helps to solve one of the challenges of side sleepers and that is keeping the shoulders upright.  It helps to keep your shoulders from compressing together once you position yourself on your side and thereby eliminating back, shoulder and neck pain.  Body pillows make wonderful gifts for pregnant women because they need more support in the hip area during pregnancy.  Pregnant women are also advised to sleep on their sides and she will appreciate a pillow that makes this easy to do.  Now you can own a pillow that provides the lateral support you need to achieve a good night sleep.  It’s lightweight and hypoallergenic and it’s like having six pillows all rolled up into one.

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