Gas Fire Pit Form and Function

Before you go selecting a fire pit for the winter season, you might want to know about an alternative type of fire pit that is available. Known as a propane fire pit, these models do away with pesky wood and replace it with efficient propane gas. Having to start, store and cleanup after wood is a task that some could do without. Propane is easy to use, can be precisely controlled and does not require any clean up. All you need is a standard tank of propane to get started. Upon setup, all you need to do it connect the tank to the pit and open the valve. After pressing the automatic ignition switch, you will have live flames ready to enjoy.

Fire pits such as these are not just functional but can be quite stylish as well. They consist of two main parts- the bowl and base. The base is the part which holds the bowl above the ground so it doesn’t catch things on fire. The frame can either be open or closed depending on the design. Many closed frame models store the tank inside themselves. Frames that are not entirely metal are covered with decorative tiles and other stylish materials.

The fire bowl is the part which contains and distributes the fire. It is from the gas burner at the base of the bowl where the action takes place. A burner releases propane gas at a rate defined by the user. The faster it is released, the taller and more powerful the flames will be. Heat can be set to warm anywhere from a single person to many. This saves fuel and allows for custom-tailoring of the experience. Adjusting a wood fire pit like this requires hit and miss adding of the wood until you reach the right temperature.

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