The New AlcoMate Premium Personal Breath Alcohol Detector

The new AlcoMate Premium is probably the most accurate personal alcohol detector ever to hit the market. The technology which enables this increased precision is known as PRISM, which enables measurement of the blood alcohol content (BAC) with a higher degree of validity and reliability than previous models by providing a user-replaceable sensor module that you can service yourself. In the past, the only way to recalibrate a personal alcohol detector has been to return it to the manufacturer for servicing, which is both time-consuming and costly.

There are lots of benefits you can receive if you decide to use an AlcoMate Premium. For starters, the pre-calibrated Sensor Module Technology is only one of those advantages you can enjoy when you purchase the item. It also has a 4 digit LCD results display, easy replace sensor panel, Cumulative Test counter, internal mouthpiece storage slot, Automatic power off and has a low battery indicator. Most of all, this is approved by the DOT and is recommended for use for law enforcement, school administrators, corporate employers, medical professionals, drug rehabilitators and general consumers.

You can buy this online or in your local store and each package contains a Breathalyzer, two Double A batteries, five mouthpieces, Carrying pouch, Users manual, hand Strap and pre-installed Sensor Module. For more information about the product, you can search for it online and you can even order online too. You can read customers comments or reviews about the product. This can help you a lot since you will have first hand information from people who have tried the product already.

In conclusion, AlcoMate Premium is design primarily to answer the needs of the consumer thus they have come up with product whose accuracy and consistency is just outstanding. It is definitely easy to use and most important of all it doesn’t need any calibration services anymore. That is why this product becomes so popular among law enforcement officers, big companies and organizations and of course with the general buyers.

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