Why Not Try a Filling Carrot Juice Smoothie?

Carrot juice is so good for us that we need to think about how we can add it into our diets as much as we can without us getting bored. You can always try and mix it up a bit with a carrot juice smoothie. For this smoothie you will need to have already juiced your carrots in a juice maker and you can then add this to the rest of the ingredients which is vanilla yogurt and small amount of freshly squeezed lemon juice.

You will need to use your blender to mix all the ingredients together to make a smooth and delicious smoothie that will give you a great start to your day. The lemon juice will make sure that the carrots do not start to turn brown with the oxidization process. The best juicer machines perform the entire process easily.

Smoothies can be a great addition to your everyday diet and the fact that the carrot juice already contains a high amount of calcium means that the drink will give you a huge calcium boost especially with the inclusion of the vanilla yogurt as well. So not only is the drink extremely refreshing but it is also extremely good for you. If you combine this with the fact that you are also eating the juice of raw carrots (which are in themselves highly nutritious) it is safe to say that this smoothie would be a great breakfast and also a lovely tasty snack for when you feel like you need a pick me up during the day.

Some experts say that you should invest in a good blender so that you can get your recommended daily intake of fruit, vegetables and fibre in your day in juices and juices. If you can have a smoothie in your daily routine most days then you will be well on your way to getting a great well balanced diet.

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