The Logitech Harmony Is A Winner

The first time I held the Logitech Harmony One in my hand I knew it was a match made in heaven. After several long months of being tired of all the remotes in my home that I needed to watch TV, I decided that I needed a universal remote that could replace all of them. I knew that there were some really good working remotes available on the market now, so after doing some research and asking some friends and family, I came to the point where I found out a co-worker had the Harmony One, and invited me to come over to his home and try it out.

The Harmony One was that remote that was getting the best reviews and seemed to be the most you could get for the money. When he told me to come by and check it out I was more than eager to do so. I held it in my hand and it just felt right. The things that stuck out from the get go was that the buttons were so perfectly placed. The volume buttons were exactly where you would want those buttons to be, and the channel buttons were in the right place as well. They were also the right size and came equipped with textured. It was clear that after a few nights with this remote I would not even have to look down to see what I was doing. The LCD touch screen was mesmerizing, and the sleek black design made it look beautiful.

Some of the other features of the Logitech Harmony One that I fell in love with were its capacity to replace up to 15 remotes in my home, and the fact that it was rechargeable. I could get rid of all those remotes, and never have to buy batteries for any remote controls again. A winning situation for an home theater enthusiast.

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