The Grooms Wedding Grooming Tips

A wedding is considered a very important milestone of one’s life and all couples want to have the best wedding experience possible. While the bride is busy making sure that she will look beautiful and the bride hair perfectly done on the day of her awaited event, we should also not forget that there is also a groom who wants to look as dashing as possible. This grooming of the groom might actually entail months of preparation, starting from the groom’s hair, face, teeth, outfit and even his smile.

Skin care: The skin should look as perfectly radiant and glowing as possible on the day of the wedding. It is advisable to choose a facial product that suits the skin type. Facial products and creams come in many forms and many brands. You might want to consult a dermatologist or another expert in caring for the skin when selecting products. If your complexion is ruddy you will want to schedule a facial treatment to even out the texture of the skin. You should do this months or at least three weeks before the wedding day. It is also wise that if you are prone to acne, you take a medication or cream as prescribed by the dermatologist to prevent pimples from ruining your day. Soon-to-be-grooms can also try to get in hot water and let the face catch as much steam as possible. You can this by covering your face with the hot water under a big towel in order to prevent the steam from escaping out. This will open the pores for the dirt especially black heads to be removed easily. After applying a facial scrub in a circular gentle motion, wash the face with a very cold water to close again the pores. When you shave, use a clean and safe razor to prevent cuts and infecting the hair follicle that might cause ugly redness on the face.

Hair: It is said that hair is the crowning glory, not only for women but also for the men. The groom’s hair must perfectly suit his face. Going to a hair salon is a wise choice. Many hair experts know what hair style fit well with specific face structures. If you are not comfortable having a new hairdo, go for the style that you are already comfortable having with. Here is a very important tip for your groom hair cut: do this two to four weeks before the wedding day to allow time for the hair to take its natural shape and even the length. If you are prone to dandruff, treat this beforehand. You might not want white snow-flakes to appear on your tuxedo.

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