The Best Chemical Peel Choices Available

People go to great lengths to stop nature from taking its course. To stop aging in its tracts, Glycolic chemical peel is emerging as a popular choice for many because of its natural base. Thousands of at home chemical peel treatments are performed each year because of visible results. Perennial problems of the skin like acne, irregular skin tone, white heads, black heads, pustules and a lot more are also given solution. Whatever skin problems you have you can rely on this procedure for greater chances of cell renewal, making your skin more firm and soft as that of a baby.

Glycolic acid is the main agent in this type of treatment. It is a mild, natural and safe to use under controlled circumstances, but rest assured it is highly effective. Glycolic acid is derived from fruits, so it is the best natural skin care agent you can have. It is a natural fruit acid commonly referred to as alpha hydroxyl acids used mainly to rejuvenate skin by shedding off dead skin surfaces leaving a much smoother and fine complexion.

There are different types of treatment procedure available today. All you need is to consult your doctor so you can choose what specific type of treatment is suitable for your skin condition. One would be a light peel, specifically targeting fine lines and wrinkles, acne, uneven pigmentation and some areas of dryness. Alphahydroxy acids or AHA’s are usually used for this type of treatment and is quite ideal for those who don’t want the inconvenience of a much deeper peel.

Second would be the medium type of peel. Trichloroacetic acid or TCA is the usual agent of choice for darker skin treatments and in this procedure. This would work well for conditions like pigmentation problems, superficial blemishes and fine surface wrinkles. Like light peels, medium peels are also less time consuming.

Lastly would be the deep peel treatment. This is much potent of all facial peels wherein phenol acid is the main ingredient and targets the most difficult skin conditions like pre cancerous growth, course facial wrinkles and the effects of sun exposure. Glycolic chemical peel does wonders to the skin but undergoing a deeper at home chemical peel with the use of phenol acid produces the most dramatic and lasting result. Of course, deeper peels require longer hours of treatment but you’ll find out that it is worth the wait.

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