Television vs Internet

Watching favorite television shows during leisure is my desired pastime when they show some good movies in the afternoon then there is nothing more that I want in the whole world. It is bliss to be so easily pleased at the time of ever increasing and emerging technologies. I find it more amusing to spend time in front of a television, than working on an Ipad or surfing the internet. I prefer television for a simple reason that it does not make me feel that I need to interact every other moment, as when I am looking at my face book page. With the television I do not need to worry about not catching my friends online, or not commenting on their status. There is one more reason I love the television, which is I can get involved in the stories that play out as daily soap operas or weekly shows. It is much pleasure when good movies take three hours of your day without your notice.
Sadly though, television has lost the empire that it once held; gone are the days when people were buying guides for television programs. Today it has to share its broadcasting space with the internet and the radio, as well. The internet definitely takes up the biggest broadcasting space, as it can also air television online and one can play fm online. It is the day and the age of the internet, which has its own advantages. For example, you can watch a television show online, and also surf the internet for random information at the same time. That is not possible with the television, it mainly broadcasts pre scheduled programs and provides information, accordingly. Nonetheless, it is also true that the programs on the television are made to cater to the wide and popular demands. It still is the number one choice of entertainment for stay at home mothers and little children. Many young people also watch television, mainly the talent and game shows. The new trend in televion to attract more viewers is by showcasing reality shows with drama and excitement of all kinds. There is a large viewer that watches news on the television, even when there is print media and the internet. And I cannot stress how much dear television is to me, as I feel uneasy missing a single episode of a fun soap opera.

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