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Now one thing that you can be very sure is that a buying guide will tell you a lot about consumer products including which restaurant you should visit and what kind of food you get there. You can find most of the information online, regarding reviews about restaurant’s ambience, food and service. I had seen a lot of good reviews for an Indian restaurant in Green Bay, Wisconsin, while I was staying there and it helped me for sure. I visited that place five times, during my two and a half year stay at the place. The food was absolutely amazing, and it reminded me of home every time I visited that place. The service was pleasant with soothing music; however, they used to play music from the 80s, which I felt needed updating. The last time that I was there, they had taken heed and were playing current music that made dining, a wonderful experience. Similarly, the ambience of the place was truly amazing with beautiful paintings, of old Indian palaces and women dressed in traditional attires. Likewise, they also have great lighting and table to table service, even when you are there for a buffet.  Thanks to the online reviews, I found one good place to eat food, very close to that of home.

The other good thing about such reviews is that, they tell you about the pricing of the food at the restaurants, so that you can plan ahead and decide if you want to go alone or take someone along for a treat. It is fun and also interesting to go out with a friend and enjoy good food; the friend can also work as the reviewer of a restaurant, so that you do not miss an opportunity to experience the best of deals. Though it might be hard for people to find online reviews of places to eat in Nepal, or making it simpler, in Kathmandu, they can find weekly reviews about restaurants in national dailies like, The Kathmandu Post and The Himalayan Times. Those reviews are helpful and also insightful of what to expect. Most of the time, they tell you not only the good, but also not so good facts about the venue. I have not tried any place in the valley based on the reviews, but it will not be a bad idea to go with the flow. There is also a magazine called ‘ECS: The Nepali Way’ that shares information about places to eat and the quality of food served at the eatery. I believe it would also be a good idea to have an online site with reviews on restaurants for, both the domestic and the International food lovers.

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