Starter Car Insurance for Teenage Drivers

As you start out on your motoring vehicle as a teenager, you have to have the real challenge of getting car insurance cover at a reasonable price. Some drivers, in haste, rush into purchasing expensive insurance without doing their homework and researching the most favourable rates for themselves. Of course, getting insurance is a key requirement for driving on a road, but with some effort teenage drivers can get the required insurance at reasonable rates.

It’s not normally a good idea when you are starting out as a young driver in need of car insurance, to add extras to your car such as alloy wheels. Such extras can cost extra money because they represent an additional risk to the insurers. Bear in mind that teenage drivers are perhaps, at this stage, driving on a very tight budget. So it is prudent at this stage to carefully monitor what might cause an additional risk, and try and reduce it.

As you begin to look at what insurance cover you need, you may want to obtain temporary car insurance until you have made up your mind. This will give you some breathing space to have a good look around at what is available. You can even extend the period of time you keep the temporary insurance until your search and you finances allowed you to make a final choice. The advice is that for most teenage drivers, its best to start off with a small engine car, say from 1000cc to 1200cc. this will cut your driving cost because premiums are lower and running cost in respect of petrol consumption and servicing are similarly smaller. This a great way of helping to reduce your costs at the beginning of your driving experience.

Insurers like to reduce their risks. They normally do this in two ways. They either give discount incentives to motorists that present the least risk or, on the other hand, they penalise those who pose a greater risk by charging higher premiums. One additional way you can reduce your risk as teenage driver is to agree with you insurer that you will reduce your yearly driving mileage to below the normal yearly average. With a list of potential cost saving tips, you are bound to save on your first insurance premiums.

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