Why Choose Kiddopotamus Swaddle Me Infant Blanket

Kiddopotamus has been the brand trusted by a lot of parents over the years when it comes to infant products. One of their best sellers, the swaddle me infant blankets, become so popular that they are even featured and sold in the top two retail and online outlets across the country – Baby R Us and Amazon.com. There is no need to go to malls and stores to shop for the items – thus saving time and effort. Swaddle me brand is a money saver, too. Despite being well-known and trusted, they are only offered at very affordable prices – normally around $15 to $20.

Swaddle me is made of good fabric materials. Its 100% cotton feature is very good to the baby’s skin, creating a certain level of comfort and softness to lengthen the sleep. Flannel, bamboo, organic material, fleece and microfiber additional maintain the soothing level provided by the soft cloth. This makes the newborns feel the warmth of being like inside the mother’s womb again. Babies weighing 7 to 14 pounds can have the small size of the swaddle me products. Those weighing 15 to 22 pounds can take the large size. Swaddle me is designed with fasteners, making the wrap very much adjustable. As the baby grows, the buckles can be adjusted accordingly. The product has also features that can make travelling an easy experience for parents and babies. It has safety clips that can be attached to the car’s seatbelts to ensure a danger-free trip for the whole family.

Aside from clearly giving the comforts, quality infant products like swaddle me is also proven to be an allay to the most common fatal conditions a newborn child can have. The baby blanket makes the baby safer from SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) while sleeping on her back and also more secured from colic.

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