Saxophone Maintenance

Purchasing a quality saxophone is a good investment. People should dedicate time to truly research different models before the final purchase. After choosing the saxophone, it is important to maintain the instrument and keep it in great condition. Follow these saxophone maintenance tips to extend the long life of the instrument. Consistent maintenance will keep the saxophone looking and sounding great. Keeping the instrument in excellent condition, strive to protect the pads and keys and invest in a quality mouthpiece. Always strive to keep the instrument clean from dust, dirt and debris.

To preserve the beauty of the instrument, it is wise to frequently use a saxophone cleaning kit. There are multiple items in the cleaning kit. The cleaning cloth is securely attached to a heavy thread. The cloth cleans the accumulated breath moisture and dust from inside the instrument. The kit includes a special kind of brush that cleans the saxophone neck. It is a fuzzy brush with a wire middle which removes any particles from the neck. Taking time to clean the instrument will keep a saxophone sounding great.

The saxophone is comprised of intricate systems involving pads and keys. Proper care will require a pipe clean to be used for cleaning. Pipe cleaners are used to access the difficult to clean spaces of the saxophone. Every few month, make a note to apply some valve oil for maintenance. Lubricate the joints located on all saxophone rods.

Maintaining the saxophone mouthpiece is very easy. Simply clean the mouthpiece with the mouthpiece brush regularly. This will remove all dried particles from the mouth piece. Reeds need minimal maintenance. Before playing, take some time to gently soak them. After soaking, gently rub the excess moisture to slightly dry before playing. After playing, dry the reed off again to prevent warping. Proper saxophone care keeps the instrument in good playing condition. Check out Bundy Alto saxophone or Conn alto saxophone.

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