Magnetic Mailbox Covers Are Flexible

There are specific themes and different decor styles that you can find for covering your decoratively covering your mailbox. The most popular magnetic mailbox covers come in a variety of themes and styles that can suit most any homeowner’s needs. These particular styles can be applied easily and changed out just as quickly. This is why most people buy more than one. You might also choose to cover your mailbox with a wood design or some other type of display. These styles are more 3-D like, rather than flat magnetic versions.

These magnetic covers can easily allow you to express a patriotic theme, something fit for each season, a holiday or just for the fun of having some whimsical look to your mailbox. For the die-hard sports fan, you can also find university or professional level sports teams and colors available. Because of the relative inexpensive nature of these covers, it makes sense to have a few on hand for whatever mood strikes. You can easily lay them flat for storage, too.

These mailbox covers come in a variety of sizes as well. Most popular are the standard 6 ½” x 19″ mailboxes. There are also ‘large’ and ‘jumbo’ versions of mailboxes. The large one measures about 8″ x 21″, while the jumbo is 11″ x 23″. In many cases, it will be harder to find a jumbo cover available just due to their non-standard and popular sizing.

There is another problem if you have a non-metal mailbox.  Well, a problem for these magnetic covers, in any case.  There are other fabric ones in nylon or polyester, but they are more prone to damage and deterioration.

You can find the magnetic covers for between $12-14 USD for the standard size mailbox. For a larger mailbox, those prices climb to $17-20 USD. There is a price range because of different retailers, but also because you will get a better price if you order more than one mailbox cover at a time.

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