Advantages of Using a Fence Post Driver

Putting in a fence can be back-breaking work. The most grueling part of the job is digging the post holes. The holes must be dug deep to ensure the strength of the fence. Soft soil keeps caving in and hard soil takes even more effort. Getting the holes deep and the posts in correctly and firmly is a challenge that a fence post driver can greatly ease and simplify. Fences made correctly using a fence post driver will endure many years despite wind, rain and livestock.

Proper installation requires the post be plumb – any lean is disastrous to the integrity of the entire fence. Installation of a metal post with a fence post driver entails sliding the driver down over the post. The user then lifts the driver up and down repeatedly to drive the post into the ground. Rushing can create painful blisters on the hands because increasing speed to increase the force applies more stress to the hands. A big job of digging post holes for hours on end can be very damaging to hands, so some patience and moderation in applying force to the post is important.

When driving in posts made of wood, the process requires filling in the hole with dirt and compressing the dirt gradually and as firmly as possible to keep the post firm and straight. Tamping down the soil thoroughly can create a concrete-like support for the post.

The backbone of any fence is the row of posts, and the integrity of their installation is the key to a fence’s durability and impressive appearance. The same principle applies to a chain link fence, a wooden privacy fence or an electric fence enclosing farm animals. Care with proper placement of posts – straight and deep and set firmly — will provide security and beauty for many years and cut down on wasted time doing maintenance.

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