Equipment to make cheap masquerade masks

Masquerade balls are fantastic events that people love to attend but the price of getting kitted out for one of these balls can become expensive however, why not save a little on these costs by creating your own cheap masquerade masks?

Making masks is not that difficult and you could even make yourself a little money if you were to make Venetian masquerade masks for others and sell them at a profit.

Making your cheap masquerade ball masks from paper mache is the first of 2 options that you might choose, all you need to begin this process is some aluminium foil and your paper mache mix.

Begin your mask by tearing a length of aluminium foil about twice the width of your face from the roll, fold it in half so that it is doubled over and then shape it to your face in the same dimensions that you would like your finished mask to be.

When you have done this it is just a case of covering the aluminium foil with layers of paper mache until your masquerade mask reaches the desired thickness and strength

This next option will be a little more expensive but the results will be better and I might add, quicker which is good news if you are making masks for others.

If there is a local craft store in your area you will be able to pick up many of these items relatively cheaply, if not you can also find these things on the internet at a good price if you shop around.

You will need:

  • Mask bases. These are normally rubber or plastic, choose whichever you think is more suitable for your project.
  • A rod for the handle of your mask, if one is required of course.
  • Glue
  • Cutters of some type to shape your mask base, garden pruners will do the job if you have some sitting around.

There are dozens of materials you could use for your mask decoration once you have completed the initial base, here are a few ideas to get your thought processes going.

  • Material from old unused clothes
  • Glitter or rhinestones
  • Paint, (flexible if using rubber face mask bases)
  • Sand
  • Ribbon, string and tinsel
  • Feathers

I hope I gave you a good few ideas to begin making venetian masquerade masks, use your imagination and look around you for new materials that could come in handy, you might be surprised at how creative you will get!

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