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Sandals Shoes: Okabashi

Ok so I’m a bit floored by this shoe.  I live in Seattle so when the sun comes out I need the right apparel immediately to make the most of the good weather.  I am a mens sandals and flip flop aficionado.  A while back I went into a Walgreens to replace a cheap pair of flip flops with another cheap pair.  I fell in love with this ten or twelve dollar pair of slip ons that were rubber but had a leather and woven look to them.  I know rubber shoes that look great might make you laugh but I still swear by these shoes.  In fact I’m writing this to sing the praises of the manufacturer Okabashi.

I actually thought it was just a fluke or one time find but I am realizing that this company is on to something ingenius.  I mean I love this pair of shoes.  They feel great, look great and were super affordable.  I didn’t know it was a well thought out and well planned mission of a very revolutionary shoe manufacturer.  Their mens sandals offerings are slim but I plan on owning every one in the near future.  The names of the styles are Milan, Torino, Eurosport, Surf, Clog and Men’s Classic Flip Flop.  I love these guys.  They mainly come in black and brown except the clog which come in six different colors and is displayed on their website in a celebratory red.  I didn’t even know about the selection and the well thought out mission until this morning.  I’ve been wearing these shoes for the last two to three years.  I am happy to see that I can easily get more and some different styles.

Okabashi shoes go deep.  According to their website the shoes have a massaging insole, and superior arch support.  I couldn’t put my finger on why I like them so much but this is sure shedding some light on it.  It also says that the shoes are anti-microbial which means the shoes help prohibit the growth of bacteria and unwanted micro-organisms.  Hm.  Weird selling point but I get it for folks who battle athletes foot or have stinky feet.  LOL!  The anit-slip selling point is a good one and i an definitely attest to it as a wearer.  Hell the shoes are made of rubber!  These shoes are even endorsed by the ACA (American Chiropractors Association)  A couple of odd but awesome selling ponts are that these shoes are 100% recyclable, dishwasher safe and have a two year guarantee.

I don’t want to give them any ideas but these shoes were on sale right next to some shoes you’d wear for a summer and throw away.  Okabashi:  good for you, your feet and good for the planet.

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