Closing the Door on Cabinet Hinges Value and Selection

Selecting the best cabinet hinge to use is easy with keeping a few things in mind; this will help break down the enormous ocean of hinges to a handful of selections to choose from. You will want to notice other hardware in the areas of the new cabinetry in your home or business. What style? What colors? Other things to keep in mind are how much use will the cabinets get? Answers to these questions will determine the quality and value to stick with on your selections.

Now based on these questions you will have a general idea of what style you want to go with, what color and what quality. With this information you can browse the selections of cabinet hinges.

Some of the styles and price ranges of common hinges available are Butterfly $8.00 – $20.00 each, Knife $200 – $700 each, Flush $2.00 – $1,200.00 each, European $4.00 – $60.00 each, Offset $2.00 – $180.00 each, T-Style $2.00 – $520.00 each, H-Style $2.00 – $500.00 each, Overlay $2.00 – $210.00 each, Insert $17.00 – $25.00 each and Partial $4.00 – $500.00 each giving you a ballpark.

Some of the hinges you come across will either be left or right specific, so you will want to keep this in mind when ordering hinges for your cabinet doors. They are direction specific. Cabinet hinges have four distinguished parts to them. They have a frame wing which attaches directly to the frame and the door wing that attaches to the door. The knuckle bridges the two wings which would allow each piece to move while the center pin keeps the hinge together.

Remember that the hinges can be fully concealed as the hinge would be completely concealed so that you would not be able to see the hinge from the outside the cabinet. You can also select what is called semi concealed so that only the knuckle of the hinge is exposed.The style of hinge will be greatly determined by the style of cabinet door you have. Check to see if they are offset doors, where cabinet doors completely overlay the frames. This will break down your list closer to what you need.

Finally, make sure to measure very carefully to install your selected cabinet  hinges. Perhaps consider purchasing a drilling guide for hinges or contacting your local handyman for installation or guidance.

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