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Running off the Summer Holiday Tum

The summer holidays are nearly over and we have all over indulged and need to lose some weight because the dreaded Christmas party run in, the time is now to take up running ….running i hear you all cry.. yes running is proven to be one of the best ways to get fit , you can try one of the treadmills in the local gym but if you want to avoid the sweaty masses then try running outside instead, running is proven to be one of the best ways to lose weight and is the best aerobic exercises for conditioning of you heart and lungs , a great calorie burner and cholesterol reducer

Running outside is an excellent way to see you local area if you have a local park or some woodland or country side close by you will be amazed how much you start to enjoy the countryside and start to see the all the great scenery , its so more peaceful than pounding out on the treadmill with music blasting in your ears, you can just jog along at your own pace taking it all in .

You have to be prepared though , buying the right stuff is essential , not likely to find water stops in the middle of the local woods , so carrying some liquid  refreshment is an essential requirement, look at the argos uk site they have everything you need . Its quite a good idea to plan a run before hand , walking a route and working out how far a run is going to cover , start with short runs and try fast walking if it gets to hard .

If you are running outdoors then you will obviously be facing more hazards than in a gym. If you’re running in woodland for example then you might have tree roots, mud and rocks to deal with so it is important that you have running shoes with the proper support – a pair of fashion trainers just won’t cut it and you could end up doing damage to your feet or ankles.

Good running shoes are essential , they should have maximum support , remember pick a pair that are designed for running not just a pair of cheap ones off the market there is an excellent running shoe department online at littlewoods.com . The shoes should have plenty of cushioning support in the heel and foot to absorb the impact be made of breathable material and ideally have reflective stripes on to enable you to be seen on the dark evenings

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