What is a Pc Tower?

When one talks about a computer, it is the monitor that many people have in their mind. After all it is the monitor that people can see in front of their eyes. It is also the device which displays the output of any information provided in a visual form. However if you take some time to think about it other parts of the computer are equally important. It can be argued that some devices are more essential than the monitor for a computer to function properly. Talk about the mouse or the keyboard they are the devices which feed in the data. Then there is the PC tower which holds all the other components of the computer including the CPU and the hard disk.

The tower is also known as the computer case or computer box that encloses within it the motherboard power supply unit, drive bays, Input/output ports, fan and so on. So in other words it is the brain of the computer that controls the activities of the whole computer system.

What defines a PC tower or what is its structure? The PC tower is made out of mostly steel and aluminum but could be made out of plastic wood and other materials that are heat resistant. It is also important that the material can be built into a rectangular cube shaped structure. Most of the PC towers are about twenty two inches in height which are placed on the floor or on a wooden stand.

However you can certainly find different sizes of PC towers for your computer depending on the size of the mother board. Talking about the outside of the tower the front side holds the power and the reset button. It also is the place where the CD/VCD, Input/Output slots and the USB slots are available. The sides of the tower are without any components except designed holes to let out the air. The back side of the tower consists of the power unit where wires are connected to and inside the tower. In terms of the assembly most PC towers are assembled together with screws. However increasingly there is a trend towards screw-less assembly of the tower so that it can be reassembled if necessary.

It can be said that without the PC tower the computer is not able to process itself completely. The tower is the lifeline of the compute, mostly because it holds the mother board.

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