New Balance 991 Running Shoe Has Top Rating

The New Balance 991 is one of the very few running shoes to gain perfect reviews among casual and serious runners alike.  Even Apple billionaire, Steve Jobs is partial to this quality shoe.  This innovative shoe not only delivers superior comfort, cushioning and durability at an affordable price, it is produced by the New Balance Shoe company, which was founded in 1906 and has kept their manufacturing entirely in the USA.

If you are a runner, either for regular exercise or competition, a walker or just are required to stand for long periods on hard surfaces, the right fit, grip, cushion and support are vital features of footwear, to prevent injuries from twisted ankles or falls, or damage to knees and ankles.  The 991 is dedicated to providing for your lifestyle requirements, with the added benefit of durability.  New Balance also provides a wide variety of sizes and widths, to ensure perfect fit and the construction of the 991 provides the support especially valuable for persons with flat feet or fallen arches.

Even though the New Balance 991 shoes are far from an expensive running shoe, it incorporates many new technological advances to produce this excellent footwear.  The 991’s flex grooves in the blown rubber forefoot utilize new technology, giving it proper cushioning and flexibility for a more natural gait.  The heel and forefoot of the 991 also takes advantage of New Balance’s own ABZORB technology, which is based on foam to cradle your feet with protection and comfort.  Use of this technology allows the production of a dependable, durable and lightweight shoe with excellent traction control for all terrains.

The damage caused by ill-fitting or poorly constructed footwear may not be discovered until too late.  But choosing the New Balance 991 womans will provide the cushioning, comfort and protection needed to prevent damage before it starts, so invest in your body’s well-being now.

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