Buying Cubic Zirconia Engagement Rings

These days with the economy bouncing all over the place there are many more people looking for good deals on everything. The days of having disposable income are pretty much gone with no signs of a rapid return. When a couple begins planning the wedding ceremony it will take a great deal of planning to pull it off and have any money left. The time to start your financial planning for the wedding is when you are shopping for the engagement rings. Many couple are electing to use cubic zirconia engagement rings and saving a bunch of money in the bargain. CZ engagement rings have become very popular for several reasons.

This type of ring is not the same thing as synthetic diamonds. Even though they are created in a lab they are not composed of the same ingredients as diamonds, rubies or emeralds so they are considered simulants, not synthetics. If you are considering cubic zirconia engagement rings you should know that they are not created equally and the cheaper ones are not made as well as the more expensive ones. Some of the more popular of the good cubic zirconia rings are Interlap and Winfield. There are also hybrid stones that are covered with an amorphous diamond coating to help prevent shadowing.

There are some manufacturers who try to sell rings as synthetic instead of simulated. You should be aware that there have never been any synthetic white diamonds created for mass production. The ones that are marketed are usually special orders and usually very small. You should also understand that cubic zirconium comes in a wide variety of cuts and colors. The best way to find zirconia rings is to do an internet search for CZ jewelry. Many people make the mistake of buying a stone that is much too large also. If you are on a budget it is certain that most of your friends and family know it and showing up with a huge stone will make certain that everyone knows it is simulated.

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