Microfiber Sheets A Comfortable Bedding Solution

Bed sheets are made of all sorts to materials and different bed sheets hold different qualities and vary in comfort and looks. You must be thinking that microfiber sheets are commonly used on the shelves, and how can they be used as bedding equipment which promises comfort and fashion.


Microfiber is a term that can be used for any fiber that has stands which are less than one denier (a measurement used to determine the fiber thickness of a thread) in breadth. Microfiber sheets are of a very fine quality. They offer enormous comfort as compared to Egyptian cotton which is three times thicker than microfiber. Microfiber is made from synthetic material, generally having two or more fiber combined together such as polyester and nylon.

Maintenance of Microfiber sheets

Microfiber sheets are very easy to keep clean, as they resist stain and dirt. Microfiber as is a stain resisting material and make people prefer it because it doesn’t get dirty and it’s easy to clean and wipe off. Newly washed microfiber sheets can sometimes acquire static charge which can be countered by using a fabric softener sheet. Anything that is easy to maintain automatically becomes the first choice.

Cost of Microfiber sheets

These sheets are a very fine and high quality product. Now you must be thinking, they’ve got to be expensive because of their complex formation. But defying all the universal laws the microfiber sheets are actually not at all expensive. On average these sheets would cost much less than other bed sheets such as Egyptian cotton.

Some of the Best Names in Microfiber Sheets

There are literally tens of hundreds of options available when it comes to buying these sheets, you can buy them online or from your local store. Here are some of the best brands you should check out when shopping:

  • Perry Ellis Microfiber
  • Essential Home Microfiber Sheet Set
  • Veratex Street Revival Rainbow Leopard Microfiber Sheet Set

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