Mens Sandals: Clogs

I’m in the market for a new pair of shoes.  I’m definitely leaning toward some sort of sandal or slip on type.  I will look first at Birkenstock because of their commitment and history of making super comfortable shoes.  their shoes used to be ugly but have you seen the selection lately…wow!  When I bought my first pair of Birks over ten years ago I was laughing as I tried them on.  Once my foot was inside and I felt the magic it was over.

I’ve never owned a pair of clogs before though so i have nothing to go on as far as personal experience.  i just know what I’ve seen and what I am continuing to see.  Clogs are shoe mainly made for people who need to be on their feet a lot.  Sounds like a shoe made with comfort in mind.  Women definitely have a wider selection to choose from.  I still haven’t found a pair of mens clogs that have wood in them.  Something about the wood is attracting me. So far I haven’t seen a mens clog that has that.   Even as I am looking now I don’t see a huge selection for mens clogs at either Birkenstock or Dansko.  However some honorable mentions are the Karl and Professional Stapled Clog from Dansko and the Hunter Black and Brown Leather Clog from Birkenstocks Boston line.  They only have two lines of clog: Boston and Tokyo.

Between the two Birkenstock still leaves much to be desired with regard to looks.  That hasn’t stopped me with them in the past though.  Dankso is coming with more to offer in the way of style but I’ve never owned a pair.  They actually have a smaller selection than Birkenstock. Four styles of mens clogs.  The Karl and the Professional both look great.  I like the professional one because it is dressy and could go with jeans.  The looks are very respectable.  The Karl is the same but is suede and is a slip on with an open back.  That helps with my mens sandals jones.

I hear that Dansko shoes are really comfortable and that the company is very green.  i heard that they have a Vegan line f shoes that is not made with any animal products.  Sounds like something I’d expect from Birkenstock.  Both shoe companies have very loyal followings.  I am definitely going to try a pair of clogs from both manufacturers.

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