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Medical transcription from home for a living

If you are looking into doing medical transcription from home but don’t know where to go or how to get started, maybe this article will help you.

The University of Phoenix has online classes that you can take from your home. With a degree in Health Administration you’ll learn about ethical, legal, and economic issues facing health care providers today. They offer an Associates Degree in Arts-Health Care Administration, Bachelor of Science in Health Administration, Master and Doctor in Health Administration, and Gerontology Health Care Certificate. Their courses start every couple of weeks and one course lasts up to five or six weeks. Kaplan.edu has a AAS in Medical Transcription that you can get by taking their online classes. You will learn about the technology, economics, ethics, finance, policy, and management. To help pay for your classes they have federal grants and financial aid available to you. You can make up to twenty five thousand a year part time and fifty thousand full time with a career in medical transcription.

If you want to do electronic medical claim billing, Allied Schools has a program that gives you one-on-one educational support through your studies. They will not only help you earn your degree but they will help you get a job. They have links to major medical job search engines, tips and techniques for your career, interviewing tips, occupational information, etc. Medical Billing Online Course.com has medical billing courses that you take from Medical Billing Professionals and Business Owners. You will practice what you learn with medical billing software. Some of the things you’ll be doing is entering patient data, posting charges and payments, running reports, etc. This program lets you study at your own pace, contact support providers through email and phone, and take exams online. The course program takes about fifty five to sixty hours to complete. Many student complete everything including the examinations in three to six weeks. Some of the careers that you can get as a biller is working in a doctor’s office, chiropractor’s office, outpatient clinics, laboratories, acute care hospitals, insurance companies, billing services, and schools. Hopefully at these schools you will learn how to collect data, document things, bookkeeping, follow-up on claims, how to submit insurance claims, etc.

In conclusion, these are some of the online schools that you can to get your degree in these two fields. Before you apply make sure you are getting your money’s worth.

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