Living, Traveling, and Enjoying Life in Japan

It is not surprising to know that Japan is among the favorite destinations of expatriates and tourists alike. To live in Japan is a dream come true to some who have been desirous of being part of a society that is culturally dynamic, technologically futuristic, and socially progressive. Once a person is granted residency to settle or live in Japan either for retirement, business, or leisure purposes, he or she is supposed to have his or her own Japanese name. In Japan, the government specifically provides for the names of their citizens. These are the approved names come from various sources of Kanji characters. A small minority though uses Katakana and Hiragana or a combination of the two. The expatriates are expected to use one’s own Japanese name that corresponds to the person’s gender. There is a list of Japanese boy names and also a list Japanese girl names to choose from.

In choosing the appropriate gender based names, it is also necessary to know the meanings of the same, its proper spelling, and correct pronunciation to easily introduce oneself in Japanese to other people. A good grasp of these Japanese names will further ease the communication and inculturation of the expatriate to the new community. Thus, whether you are in Japan for business, leisure, or as an expatriate, it is highly recommended that you adopt and use your own version of your name in Kanji character. Just make sure that your name comes from the list of Japanese boy names if you are a male or from the list of Japanese girl names if you are a female.

Indeed, to enjoy life in Japan as you travel, tour, do business, and most especially in settling after retirement, it is very beneficial to have one’s own Japanese names with the most suitable meaning to yourself and corresponds to your gender. Thus, one should browse the list of Japanese boy names and girl names for the best Japanese names available oneself.

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