Fender and Marshall Guitar Amplifiers for an Amazing Guitar Sound

Guitar amplifiers are indispensable for any electric guitar player as they amplify the sound of their instruments, without the amplifiers, their audience would not be able to listen to the sound coming from their guitars. Acoustic and Spanish guitar players don´t need guitar amplifiers if they are playing for a few friends or for themselves, but for an electric guitar player, the amp is as important as their instrument. Considering this, if the musician has a good and expensive guitar from a reputable brand like Gibson or Ibanez, having a quality guitar amplifier is a must. Fender guitar amplifiers and Marshall guitar amplifiers are probably the best amps a guitar player could have.

Fender is a world wide famous brand, mainly for it´s guitars like the Fender Telecaster and the Fender Stratocaster used by the most  talented electric guitar players such as Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix and Mark Knopfler. It also manufactures left handed electric guitars. It was founded by Leo Fender in 1946 and became the world most iconic and popular brand, not only for it´s  guitars but also for It´s bass guitars too, the Fender Jazz Bass and the Precision Bass models are two of the most used bass guitars all around the globe. Later on, Fender became a manufacturer of amplifiers and it´s  amps soon became the choice of many artists. There are several different models for different needs of Fender guitar amplifiers. You can buy a small one to study and play in your room or you can buy the most powerful to play at a football stadium too!

Marshall is another guitar amplifier manufacturer that is very well known and used by many of the most popular guitar players, you will often see them in music video clips and dvd with it´s white letters printed on their black boxes as a “trademark” of rock & roll and heavy metal. They are available in most countries around the world at any reputable music shop. As the Fender guitar amplifiers, they are also available in different sizes, being the mini Marshall a very funny amp, as it´s almost a pocket guitar amplifier.

So if you are already a good guitar player looking for a great amp or you are thinking about starting to play the guitar, always remember how important is to have a good guitar amplifier, and that Fender and Marshall are probably the best ones in the market.

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