Tea and eaT: The Healthy Way of Living

Eating is important in all walks of life. We all have to realize that eating is not an option but a choice. The difference between the two is that an option is something you may or may not have while a choice is something that you should have. The foods we eat provide us the energy that we need for the day, meaning that without the food we eat we will have body complications and soon when it is not answered then complicates into some sickness or worst death.

The problem of today is not all of us are informed of the importance of eating food. While many of us want to reduce weights, we tend to starve ourselves. It is absolutely wrong because the more you starve yourself; the more you wanted to eat more. Our body is designed to fill itself of the things it is rid of. The tendency is you eat once in a day but you voraciously eating, then again you don’t burn fats but earn rather. You have to realize that our body has 95% efficiency which means any foods we eat are counted in high precision. More than that; one time eating leaves less time for physical activities that helps to burn excess calories so you again gain fats. What a waste!

Tips to lose weight might be considered when we wanted to achieve that sexy and healthy body. These tips include foods which burn fats and calories more than its contents like fruits and vegetables which are common to us. More so, you could always have your slimming tea to be accompanied into your fruits and vegetable so that erring will be of pleasure. It’s a three in one shot because you are enjoying the pleasure of eating, you experience the goodness of tea and lastly, you are burning your fats hassle free.

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