Why use a gaming mouse

All gamers know why using a good gamer mouse is so important comparing to using a regular gaming mouse. Although gaming mouse are generally more expensive, they are worth it, as it converts into comfort, improved gaming control, better performance and sharper precision.

A gaming mouse can give the gamer amazing advantages over the competitions. Laser gaming mouse like the Razer Mamba or the Microsoft Sidewinder X8 has a much high polling rate than other standard mouse. What it means is that the mouse reads the surfaces of the mouse pad or the desk at a higher rate and that it makes the mouse more responsive. It is a lot more precise than any optical mouse. These laser gaming mouse usually comes with laser sensor technologies designed for improved sensitivity. A quick scan of the gaming mouse in the market today will show us that the majority has resolution of over 2000DPI. For example, the Logitech G7 has a resolution of 2000 DPI while the Microsoft Sidewinder X8 has 4000 DPI and the Razer Mamba and Razer Naga each has a whopping 5600 DPI. On top of that, some gaming mice will even give you the ability to switch between different levels of sensitivity on the fly.

These gaming mouse are designed very differently to standard optical mouse. They are designed specifically for gaming purposes and many of them have unique features such as grip shape and buttons locations that would allow comfort and efficiency of use. Their sizes and weight are also carefully designed in order to let players use them through an extended period of time.

Not like standard mouse, gaming mouse usually have many more buttons to provide extra controls and functions. For example, the Razer Naga and the Razer Mamba each have extra buttons and different software controls that are assigned on a software level. The Razer Naga, being the mouse which is designed for MMORPG, even has a 12 button thumb pad. This helps the player not having to use the keyboard and keeps their attention on the screen instead.

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