The Symptoms of Treatment of Gout

Gout is considered one of the most complicated types of arthritis. Gout pain is persistent in nature and tends to reappear again and again. It is usually seen in men and women in their 40s. Gout attacks are very painful and the high level of uric acid in the body is considered responsible for it. The excess uric acid turns into crystals and cause immense pain when they get deposited on the joints.

Gout symptoms can be generally seen in the different body joints like elbow, knee, wrists and especially the big toe joint. The first pain attack has been experienced by most people quite suddenly at mid night. The concerned area gets red, hot and swollen and there is a very sharp pain. It left unattended, the disease gradually becomes chronic and joint stiffness and pain becomes a regular incident.

Gout cures can be a long process and often the medicines are followed by certain side-effects, threatening good health. So by and large people opt for natural gout remedies which have no or very minor side-effects. Massaging warm Castor oil proves helpful gout cures. Applying ice packs for at least 15 minutes helps to lessen the swelling. Foot bath in warm water with Epsom salt in it is known to give instant relief.

Apart from these, few lifestyle and dietary changes may also be handy in the long run to cure or at least control the disease. Drinking lots of water throughout the day assists in flushing out the harmful body toxins and bring the uric acid level to normal. Consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables are always encouraged while it advised to stay away from certain foods like eggs, fatty fish, mushroom, yeast etc.

Gout cures are also available in regular joint exercises and keeping the body weight under control. Obesity is likely to increase the risk of severe gout attacks. It is best to consult a doctor at the very onset of gout. The doctor will be able to give the best advice regarding medicines, diet chart, exercising regime, home remedies etc. after checking the level of uric acid in the blood.

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