Shag Carpet rakes

Shag carpets are very popular in the household. They are very beautiful and also they are difficult to clean. A carpet rake is a perfect tool for thick shag carpets that will not only groom the carpet but also have the ability to suck all the dirt that gets embedded in the shag rugs. Many might use a vacuum cleaner but they may possibly destroy the carpet.

A rake is a better option. The rake is usually made of nylon fibres and looks very much like a rake that is used in the yard. The main difference in a carpet rake is usually the stiffness of the fibres. They have been used by carpet cleaners for years but they can also be used in the home by consumers. The carpet rake works by making several passes over the carpet on two different direction with the carpet rake can help loosen the soil before vacuuming. It is also very useful in picking up pet hair. Using a carpet rake on the long fibres will leave a very nice even look over the carpet.

The shag carpets were very popular in the 1970s and they are back. Thus, if you have a shag carpet or are planing to get one, it will be wise to get a rake along with it. As long as you want your shag to look as good as new, a rake is recommended. They can be found in a number of places, such as janitorial supplies and carpet cleaning supply stores and websites. Many sites such as Amazon.com and Ebay are great places to find a carpet rake.

The shag carpets rake are very useful and you can always  get a good one at a very reasonable price. They are not only used as a means of making the carpet more beautiful, but they also serve a very functional use in conjunction with the vacuum cleaner to remove as much soil and pet hair as possible from the carpet. So if you have a shag carpet, you need to have one of these great tools to keep your carpet as good as new.

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