Settling for Best Used Cars Under 5000

Are you a number one beast? Do you move around in the world and say, think, and feel that you simply have to be number one? When you were in school or when you enter competitions, do you always go for the gold medal or the first honor? If such facts apply to you then congratulations, you have the mentality of an achiever. However, you must know when to draw a limit to this kind of attitude. This is due to the fact that not all parts of life is a race. There are certain aspects and portions of it where you must li-low in order to achieve more later on. Buying a car is an example of this and you do not always have to have a BMW or Mercedes Benz on your first purchase. Here are a few compelling reasons why it is okay to have the best used cars under 5000 dollars, even for the meantime.

With regard to cars, buying second hand ones can be seen as stepping stones to greatness. Having a decent car is not shameful, especially if its not your last. Even if you want to be good in everything, there must always be a line drawn where it will hurt or disable yourself or the people around you.

Think about it also in this way: if you buy a car now, the race doesn’t end there, if ever there really is a race. You do not fail necessarily if you get your second hand car now. Will that fact matter in the long run if you get a Rolls Royce Phantom later on? At the very least, will people scorn you and say that you are a failure for having that kind of car at that point in life where you were just starting out? Of course not.

It is good to maintain that conqueror’s attitude, but always draw a line. Don’t let it control your life to the point of alienating you from your friends or loved ones, as well as yourself.

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