Retirement Investment Strategies

There are many retirement investment strategies that people use to save up for when they are done working.  Here are some of the more traditional investment strategies as well as the more eccentric methods.  The later may be more interesting to the aggressive investor.

Retirement Mutual Fund

Many people don’t like to think about money or investing.  They don’t like the idea of developing their own retirement investment strategy from scratch.  That is too much of a burden for them so they invest in retirement mutual funds.

They go to an investment advisor and ask them a good, conservative method of investing for their retirement.  Then they ask which mutual fund is best and just park their money there.

The best mutual fund to invest in will be index funds.  They are the best since they are passively managed, probably cheaper than actively managed funds and have a better return over time.  Also, you don’t have to pick the good stocks to invest in.  The market does that for you.

401K Mutual Funds

Many people invest in their company’s 401K.  Again, these are mutual funds that you won’t have to think much about.  Your company decides how they will invest your money.  But with 401K mutual funds, there are tax benefits and your company will contribute a portion on your behalf as well.

Investment Property

Some people choose to invest for their retirement by buying investment properties.  Real estate has been proven to appreciate over time, even better than some stock investments.  In addition, you can find renters to pay your mortgage payments for you.

Stock Trading

Trading stocks and investing stocks are different.  Trading is looking for short term gains.  If you get little short term gains over time, you can make a lot of money.  But this is an investing strategy that takes a little more expertise.

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